Wild Orchard wins the ISME Sean Hannick Award for 2017

We were delighted last week when ISME awarded us the Sean Hannick award for 2017. The ISME press release is below. It was a great pleasure to meet Deirdre and Rory Hannick who presented the award. Sean was one of the founding members of ISME and an extraordinary man. Having started as a butcher in Killala Sean founded and ran several successful businesses creating employment in his region and somehow found the time to campaign for services and infrastructure in the West.

If we can contribute to our community even a fraction of Sean Hannicks’ contribution to his community we will have achieved a lot.




Sams Cookies Range of 2lb Logs

We have been working with Sams Cookies for a lot of years now. They are a well established bakery based in Bray, Co. Wicklow and produce a dizzying array of cookies and cakes. So dizzying in fact that we had to sit Sammy down recently to get the down low on exactly what they have to offer.

Such was the length and duration of her response that we figured we need to spend the next few weeks collecting all the info and relaying this to our valued customers.

This week the focus is on 2lb logs.

Feast your eyes:

Each log should serve 8 people and the full range is:

Carrot & Walnut, Oxford Lunch, Toffee, Red Velvet, Lemon Drizzle, Rich Tea Brack, Banana & Walnut, Ginger.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

[email protected]


ISME Ambition Campaign

This summer just gone ISME asked us to feature in their Ambition marketing campaign.

They provide a great service to and are a great advocate of Irish Small & Medium Enterprise. They are also very nice people so of course we said yes.

When you are in a small business it is impossible to be good at everything. That’s why it’s great to be be able to have a resource that that help with HR, Employment Law, Training, Networking and many other things.

Anyway, the video is here for you to have a look if you would like to know a little more about us.