Pure, natural juices, smoothies and lemonades

What are we about?

100% IRISH

We are based in a little juice factory at the foot of the Galtees in Co. Limerick and produce juices and smoothies for delivery all over Ireland.


Where possible all our ingredients are sourced in Ireland. No additives, no preservatives, no stabilisers. 100% natural.

100% Delicious

Our premium quality fresh juices, fruit smoothies and natural sparkling lemonades have been enjoyed in cafes and shops across Ireland since 2001.


We take fresh lemons, and squeeze to extract that delicious fresh juice. The juice goes into a nice chilled tank where we add some water and natural beet sugar for a little sweetness. Then we simply take this mixture, add in some more water and some CO2 (that’s the fizzy stuff), pour it into bottles and there you go.

Pressed Juices

Our juices are made by expressing the juice from the fresh fruit, gently pasteurising and then bottling. This juice contains the same nutrients found in the fruit. We know that you want the best, so we offer you the best of fresh oranges, apples and carrots and nothing more (no preservatives and no sugar added)!


Our smoothies are made ​​from a mix of various fruits. This combination gives you the smoothest and tastiest fruit smoothie you’ve ever experienced!

We use only natural ingredients so that means no added colours, no preservatives and no artificial stabilisers.

Wild Orchard 1L Orange Juice and 1L Green Veg Smoothie.

Made in Ireland


Wild Orchard 1L Orange Juice and 1L Green Veg Smoothie

Raw Juices

Cold-pressed to retain nutritional value. Cold pressure treated for product safety.

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